Quality You Can Trust In Packaging You Will Use.

MiiSTS ultra slim sprays establish the new standard for convenient travel packaging.  MiiSTS allows you to carry your everyday essentials without the annoying bulge associated with round bottles. MiiSTS bottles are virtually invisible in your pockets and will take up little room in your purses, cases, bags, wallets, or glove boxes. 

MiiSTS bottles were designed to conveniently deliver quality products with the consumer in mind.  All eco-friendly MiiSTS sprays feature premium USA made ingredients that adhere to strict FDA guidelines and stringent MiiSTS standards. 

MiiSTS sprays offer the finest personal care products for just pennies per spray!

When you have MiiSTS, you can stop carrying a lot when all you want is a little!


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Redefining Personal Care and "Travel Size"

Virtually everyone has an immediate need for at least one of our MiiSTS products—germs, stains, vanity, and the desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle are reasons why MiiSTS ultra portable bottles are needed.

MiiSTS unique versatility addresses the need of having personal care products on-hand wherever and whenever you need them.

Retailers: Do Not "MiiSTS" this Opportunity: If you're looking for a eye catching product that will solicit the I can use this when…” response,  MiiSTS slim sprays are an ideal fit. MiiSTS packaging, design and product mix is effective for getting your valued customers to respond regardless of the retail category.

For more information about ordering the MiiSTS line of products please contact us through the form below and a MiiSTS sales representative will contact you or give us a call at 1.800.264.9766

FAQ's About Miists


Is MiiSTS durable?

Yes- MiiSTS unique PP plastic design was engineered to sustain the force of a user sitting, kicking or even standing on the bottle.

Are MiiSTS Products all USA Made?

Absolutely! All MiiSTS contents are made in the United States for ultimate quality. MiiSTS products only use natural and environmentally friendly ingredients.

How does the Cost of MiiSTS compare to other brands?
There are very few products that you can use to compare to MiiSTS due to the unique design and ingredient quality. However, all MiiSTS products were designed to compare favorably on a costs per use basis. 

How long can I keep MiiSTS products?

The contents in MiSTS products will last several years if stored in proper conditions. 


Can I buy MiiSTS outside the United States?

It depends on where you are located. Please contact us at sales@miists.com to learn more.

Is the MiiSTS Bottle Recyclable?

Yes- but please remove the small pump housing connected to the button before recycling.

Can I refill the MiiSTS bottle?

No. Removing the pump housing will create a non-leak proof bottle leading to leaking




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In the Media

MiiSTS has won multiple awards for its truly ground-breaking design and packaging.  Most notably, a Gold medal in the 2015 Dupont Package Design Awards as well as a 2015 Core77 Design Award in Packaging.