About Miists™

Combining modern design, innovative packaging and premium ingredients-- Miists™ ultra slim personal care products are the new standard in convenient packaging.  Miists™ allow you to carry your everyday essentials without dealing with the annoying bulge from carrying a traditional round bottle. Miists™ bottles are virtually invisible in your pants and take up practically no room in your bags, wallets, and just about anything else.

Miists™ innovative ultra-portable bottle gives you true freedom to carry your always in need, go to and in-a-pinch care products.  In addition to using eco-friendly, non-toxic and organic ingredients, Miists™ sprays offer the finest portable personal care products at just pennies per spray!  

Need a quick hair touch up at the dance? Need a blast of mouthwash in traffic before a meeting?  Wish you could fit a bottle of hand sanitizer in your tight designer jeans?  Miists™ slim design makes it possible to carry premium everyday products when you need them most, without stuffing your wallet, bag, glove box, or pockets. 

All Miists™ products are Made in the USA adhering to strict FDA guidelines.