Naturaly Effective Insect Repellant

Made by the renowned Jade & Pearl company, Miists Natural Insect Repellent bug busting strength comes from an essential oil combination of Lemongrass, Cedar, Citronella, and mint oils blended in a base of purified water and Coconut Oil. No Deet, No Chemicals, No Artificial Ingredients!

Miists insect repellent works up to 8 hours!  Miists Repellent not only works great, but smells wonderful and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. It can also soothe the itching and soreness of a bite if you forgot to apply it.  Miists  Insect Repellent was developed for the humid, hot, swampy, bug infested climates of Florida. When tested for effectiveness at the University of Florida, Miists Repellent significantly outlasted DEET products!

Natural and ultra portable—take Miists Natural Insect Repellent when camping, hiking, fishing, picnics, in the backyard and for any other outdoor activity.

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